Hi 👋🏾

I'm Nathaniel Luz

Resourceful Senior Product Manager offering a career-long history of success driving outstanding sales growth and new product development within the digital currency industry.


About Me

I am a Seasoned Senior Product Manager with 5+ years of practical experience and skills in managing outstanding product development within the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry, which has continuously helped grow revenues, accelerate customer acquisition, establish a lasting presence and deliver an industry-leading competitive advantage. I have a verifiable history of optimising blockchain-based solutions and enhancing product functionalities within complex trading environments through advanced digital marketing and business development skills coupled with highly developed technical skills.

My background spans defining new products and features, implementing brand positioning strategies, B2B and B2C marketing, improving user experience, and identifying possibilities to increase conversion rates while promoting business needs. I have worked with top cryptocurrency and blockchain companies throughout my career and implemented viable initiatives in line with expectations and best practices. As part of my career achievements, I have successfully built a safe trading environment for one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms serving over 7 million customers across 6 continents and 237 countries using expert knowledge of digital product marketing, which led to an overall improvement in company’s marketplace. This is one great achievement I am most proud of!

My Services:

I have a knack for quick problem-solving. I can mitigate risks, manage product requirements, and work with project stakeholders while managing expectations at the department and project levels. As a result, I can work independently and deliver the best possible solutions that suit organisational needs as applicable to the digital currency industry.

My Values

  1. Honesty
  2. Excellence
  3. A Strong Work Ethic
  4. Positive Attitude

Product Management

I help companies build their products in a simple way with their users at heart, as simple products win all the time.

Product Adoption

I’m great at structuring products for adoption in new markets. Why build an awesome product if no one’s going to use it?

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expertise

Being an early adopter and promoter of cryptocurrency, my expertise helps companies overcome the challenges in the industry.

Business Development

Got a business development task? Let’s talk about it!


I have been instrumental in meeting aggressive lead-time profitability targets for each organisation. I have cultivated a reputation as a multi-tasking specialist, having led the definition, development and scaling of company products and features, with a great focus on increasing customer acquisition and engagement. I take great pride in my ability to launch plans for new and yet-to-be approved digital products through interactions with key stakeholders.