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Nathaniel Luz

Nathaniel Luz has been a frequent speaker in finance, investing, technology, cryptocurrency and blockchain events since 2017. He is known for promoting the adoption and use of digital cash in Africa, seeing the numerous opportunities provided by blockchain and digital currencies. His goal is to leapfrog Africa via them.

An author of several books including Digital is the Cash, an easy guide to understanding the past, present and future of money. The book is available in English, French, Spanish, and German for free download.

With a degree in English, Nathaniel helps professionals achieve dominance in their field by guiding them by publishing their books via PublishmyBook

From an inflation prone economy, he is passionate about helping build and preserve their wealth via investments in non-inflationary assets at Blazers Capital.

Nathaniel is a Certified Family Life Practitioner, trained on using cutting edge technology in the accurate case study diagnosis and effective family life intervention therapy and strategy. Nathaniel Luz is an award-winning libertarian, lead for Dash Nigeria and one of Africa’s foremost blockchain and digital currency experts.

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